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The London Museum Guide

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Here’s a quick guide to all the museum in London. If you are in London for a short holiday it won’t be possible to visit all of these museums, and I wouldn’t even suggest it. But if you are here for a long stay, then you can take your time, and visit all of them, and each of them will be a different experience.

1. British Museum

The British Museum is huge and absolute wonder! I loved the British museum, and spent hours here with my audio guide. I spent a lot of time in the Egyptian exhibit, but there is so much more-from the history of ice cream to Rembrandt’s life!

The British Museum has some virtual tours which are really helpful for those who want a tour of their exhibits from the comfort of their homes.

2. Tate Modern

The Tate is an experience I will never forget! I absolutely loved it- maybe because I enjoy contemporary art and find it more relatable, or maybe because it is just a splash of colour everywhere you look. It is here that I discovered the work of Yayoi Kusama, a personal favourite of mine and that of my family!

They have a really nice shop where you can buy art prints and other souvenirs!

Want to know how to navigate central London to see all the sights without wasting any time? Read my guide to London-it is especially great for first timer's to London!

Tate modern London, Yayoi Kusama, Best museums in London, modern art museum London, contemporary art museum London
The Museum shop at the Tate

3. The National Gallery

I really liked the National gallery as well, though not all its exhibits. It was here that I first saw impressionist art, and kind of fell in love with Monet (though I’m no expert, there is something about his work that I really like)

4. Natural History Museum

If you are in London with children or you love dinosaurs, you have to go to the natural history museum. They have such a breath taking exhibit of dinosaurs!

Natural History Museum, Best museums in London, history museum London, big dinosaur museum London
Natural History Museum

5. Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace

If you are interested seeing royal collections of paintings, furniture, & other artefacts, this is the museum for you. Tickets are available online, and a combined ticket is aialable for the Queen’s Gallery & the Royal Mews, which is cheaper to get. (that is, if you are interested in going to both)

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I have also compiled my favourite places to shop in Manchester-check out my shopping guide to Manchester!

You have to read my Offbeat Guide to Manchester, if you are looking to see more than just the 'sights' in Manchester!

6. Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace

Here, you can see all the royal coaches and carriages that the royalty have used in the past and are still using now.

7. Windsor Castle

When you visit Windsor Castle you get to tour some of the state rooms, some private art collections, St George’s Chapel (the location of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s wedding), the grounds, and more.

8. British Library

If you are a lover of literature, the British Library is for you. Here, explore exhibits that take you into the literary world. This is a great place for kids to explore, as some of their favourite books (The Gruffalo) are featured here (the exhibit on The Gruffalo teaches you how to draw him!). There are changing exhibits, for example a look into feminist literature, or Hebrew texts.

9. Tower of London

This is where the crown jewels are, and I think that’s the sole reason people visit! They try to make this a more entertaining and engaging visit with the Yeoman Warders (the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London), regaling stories of the building’s glorious past.

Tower of London, Best museums in London, Kohinoor diamond London, Crown Jewels London
Tower of London

Yeoman Warder, Tower of London, Crown Jewels, History of Tower of London, Crown Jewels, where are the Crown Jewels kept, where is the Kohinoor diamond
A Yeoman Warder regaling the crowd with stories about the Tower of London

10. Kew Palace

I love the red building that is Kew Palace! It is so beautiful in pictures. So even if you aren’t really interested in learning about the lives of Georgina kings and queens of the 18th century, go for the great pictures you will get!

11. Museum of London

This is the museum for you if you are keen to know about the history of London-see London from 50 AD until today. It is a fascinating history this city has had, and to immerse yourself in that history, this is the place to be.

12. Victoria & Albert Museum

This is another museum for art lovers-it has exhibits from around the world, and isn’t just limited to art and sculptures- they have ancient Chinese ceramics, dresses by Alexander McQueen, Beatrix Potter’s illustrations, and more!

Victoria and Albert museum, V&A, best museums in London, history museum in London, kid friendly museum in London, things to do in London
Art Installation at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert museum, V&A, best museums in London, history museum in London, kid friendly museum in London, things to do in London

13. Sherlock Holmes Museum

For those of you who love Sherlock Holmes, visit 221 B Baker Street, to visit the 'home' of Sherlock Holmes, and dive into his world.

221b Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes house in London, Sherlock Holmes museum, things to do in Baker Street
Signage for Sherlock Holmes' house

221b Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes house in London, Sherlock Holmes museum, things to do in Baker Street
Entrance to The Sherlock Holmes Museum

14. Churchill War rooms

So this is for the history buffs, and more particularly, the world war II history. The Churchill war rooms in London is one of the 5 Imperial war museums in England. Explore the cabinet war rooms, and the British government’s command centre during World War II, and of course a detailed biography of Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of England.

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