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Top Tips for the best day at Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Runyon Canyon

As much as I love the excitement on Hollywood Boulevard, I felt it was time to detoxify, and get away from the noise.

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The Hiking Trail

How to get to Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon is located at 2000 North Fuller Avenue, a 30-minute walk from Hollywood Boulevard. It is a moderate hike up to a gorgeous viewpoint of the city.

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Shop at Runyon Canyon

In case you forget to bring water and snacks for your workout, there is a stall at the entrance of the park where you can get water, chips, and other snacks. This stall is left unmanned, and follows an honour system, which means, you can take anything you would like, and you are expected to pay the suggested price of the items, but no one is there to hold you to it- just you, your conscience, and your reflection in the mirror. The mirror is so aptly positioned so you can look yourself in the eye whilst being an honorable citizen (or not) of this world.

Things to do at Runyon Canyon

  1. Take a FREE Yoga class There are FREE yoga classes 3-4 times a day for the non hikers; please tip upwards of $5 to show your appreciation of the instructors. You can find more information at:

  2. Spot celebrities working out Runyon Canyon is a favourite amongst Hollywood celebrities for a morning workout. Though I didn't spot anyone, I know of people who spotted a few celebrities here.

  3. Take your dog out for a run This park is extremely dog friendly, so it was nice to see all the excited dogs chatting each other up, discussing the weather, their humans, and what not. The water fountains even have a doggy bowl so your furry friends don’t get dehydrated.

  4. Hike the Runyon Canyon For a break from the noise of LA, a morning spent hiking the Runyon Canyon will give you panoramic, and unbeatable views of the City of Angels.

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Hiking trail, Runyon canyon, dog friendly park, Los Angeles hike
The View from the top of Runyon Canyon

The Hiking Trail

I entered the park from Fuller Street, and started the hike on the East Trail. ‘Inspiration point’ is the first stop on this trail, where I stopped for some rest, the views and some much needed inspiration to go forward up the hill.The path gets steeper from here till the 1 mile halfway point, which was my destination. The steep slope laden with wooden steps was difficult to climb, so I decided to take this hike at my own pace, and not worry about keeping up with the group that I came with. I stopped in between, took a seat on the steps, drank lots of water, admired the views and myself for making it this far and watched the really fit people of LA jog up the stairs past me. I was still panting and now second-guessing my own judgments, but I couldn’t stop halfway. I could see the group making it to the top, so I started on my way up behind them. Finally, when I reached the group, I was probably around 7 minutes behind them, but I had made 2 stops to rest and take in the views. On this hike I realized that it’s more important for me to keep to my pace and enjoy the hike, rather than keep up with the group and hate every minute of my climb to the top. It’s funny how hiking the Runyon Canyon taught me life lessons, which I was not willing to accept all my life.

The View from Runyon Canyon

I was over the moon when I finally reached; the view was spectacular. The view of Downtown LA, Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Sign in the distance was extremely rewarding.

Runyon Canyon, hike Runyon canyon, city views from Runyon canyon, Los Angeles, bird's eye view of Los Angeles
Me after the gruelling hike!

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