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New York City- A love Affair

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I fell in love with the city that never sleeps, the city whose lights shine as bright as the people whose woven dreams light up the tallest skyscrapers; the city that is home to the homeless and the vagabonds, the iconic yellow cabs, and the bull of wall street.

Times Square

If there was ever a place where you could hear the tongues of the world conversing together in perfect harmony, having forgotten the differences imposed on them by the world- that place is Times Square.

If there was ever a place you would want to capture in a glass jar, as you would do with fireflies in the night sky-that place is Times Square.

If there was ever a place where the yellow of the taxis dotting the bumper to bumper traffic, was photographed as much as the crown of neon lights above you- that place is Times Square.

If there was ever a place where the heavily armed police guards, the children running helter skelter (way past their bedtimes), the half naked performers, and the tourists weaving stories for posterity; dance in unison to the changing lights, the blinking neon up above, the music blaring from shops, the sounds of the incessant traffic, and the music of laughter in a million tongues- that place is Times Square.

Times Square, Manhattan, New York, nyc, yellow cab, night life, things to do in Times Square
Times Square by night

Things to do in Times Square, Times Square, Manhattan, New York, nyc, yellow cab, night life
Nightlife in Times Square

4 Best Things to do in Central Park

1. Cycle around Central Park

When nature gives you perfect blue skies adorned with fluffy white clouds playing hide and seek with the omnipresent bright yellow sun, it is your cue to rent a bicycle and head on out to Central Park with a couple of friends and a picnic basket.

You can bring your own bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades, else, you can rent from shops nearby.

2. Boating at Central Park Lake

Rent a boat or gondola at Loeb Boat house and cruise through Central Park lake. This is an activity popular for dates and wedding proposals, so don’t be surprised if you see someone pop the question as you row past.

Hours of operation from April -November, 10AM-6PM.

Cost of renting a Row Boat- $15/hour; Gondola- $45/hour.

Central Park things to do, New York sightseeing, nyc, New York city
Boating in Central Park

My Herschel Backpack accompanied me all through my travels in the USA. I had a few people ask me about the backpack, so I'm leaving a link to it here!

The bag is functional & light, perfect for my travels!

Check out my guide to Alaska's Glaciers

Check out my guide to Grand Canyon!

3. Relax at the Great Lawn

If you are with friends, bring along a picnic and enjoy the summer’s day at the Great lawn.

Else, lay out your blanket, lie under the warm sun and read your favourite book, and occasionally people watch!

4. Check out the iconic Bethesda Fountain

The 8ft tall fountain was unveiled in 1873. It features the Angel of Waters holding a lily to signify the fresh water system that was brought to New York in 1842. The weekend sees the area around the fountain come alive with musicians and dance acts, and is a great place to while your time away.

Bethesda fountain, Bethesda fountain movies, Central Park, things to do in Central Park,manhattan
Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

The Bull of Wall Street

The 3200kg bronze structure of the Charging Bull is now an iconic representation of the financial might of Wall Street. It’s iconic status means that it is very difficult to get a picture of him without a few hundred people in the frame, so go really early if you want some alone time with the Charging Bull of Wall Street.

9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 memorial or World Trade Centre memorial is free to visit, and there are no waiting lines, so any time you are in the area, you can pop by to pay a visit.

The memorial at the exact location of the World Trade Centre, is now a place for quiet reflection. For those who have visited the Twin Towers before 9/11, the vacuum symbolised by the 2 square reflecting pools that have replaced them, is a poignant reminder of the glorious mammoth structures. The pools are beautifully designed, and has engraved on them the names of all the men, women, and children who have been immortalised by the attack.

9/11 Memorial, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, 9/11 Memorial free, 9/11 memorial tour, 9/11 memorial pictures
9/11 Memorial

Someone said look up at the stars, and not down at your feet. Here, you don’t feel like peeling your eyes away from the million things that are happening all at once, the lights, the food, the people, the shopping, the performers, the police with their guns- there is no time to check on my shoes!

When I was there, a girl and friends were there to celebrate her birthday. At the stroke of midnight all of us on the steps at times square sang and wished her a happy birthday! That is the magic of times square. It's like the world is your family, and you have to see your family, so you keep coming back. And then one day, you pack up your bags, you say goodbye, but only to fall in love again, forever in search of that one place that you start loving at first sight. Good bye New York, we will meet again soon, until then & forever- Be fabulous!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy what I have recommended through my link, I will get a small commission off it, at no extra cost to you. So if you do plan on buying it, do use my link & help me out :)


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