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Lakes of North East Sikkim-how to see them all!

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Sikkim is blessed with picturesque lakes and waterfalls, though it isn't possible to see all of them in one trip to this beautiful state, there is a quick way to see 5 of them in one trip. Take a trip from Gangtok to Nathang Village or Zuluk village via the infamous Tsomgo Lake, to see a few sites that most travellers to Sikkim miss out on!

Tsomgo Lake/Changu Lake

Stop at the infamous Tsomgo/Changu Lake, and continue the journey towards Hangu Lake, which is popular for boating.

Hangu Lake

The route northwards to Gnathang village is stunning, and is worth travelling through just to take in the views.

The stunning route I travelled through!

Manju Lake is a lesser known, but beautiful lake that is further north of Hangu Lake.

The Yak course (the world's highest golf course, at an altitude of 13,025ft) in Kupup village can be seen on this route too!

Plan a trip to Northern East Sikkim-The Old Silk Route -Nathang Valley & Zuluk!

Experience Ranka Monastery during prayers by the Rimpoche!

Manju Lake

Check out a photo tour to Nathang Village to know more.

Check out my blog on the Nathang-Zuluk trip to know more.

The Menmecho Lake, on the way to Jelepla Pass is a beautiful lake fed melting snow & monsoons. Tourists aren't allowed direct access to the lake, but you can see the lake when you take this route.

Menmecho Lake

Kupup Lake/Elephant Lake

Nestled amidst the mountains, Kupup Lake (13,066 ft) is known as Elephant lake as its shape resembles that of an elephant. Because of the fog, I couldn't capture it in its entirety, but I did get a quick glance at the shape.

Elephant Lake

The original temple dedicated to Baba Harbhajan Singh, called Baba Mandir is on this route as well.

This is a shrine built in honour of an Indian Army personnel named Harbhajan Singh, who died near Nathu La in 1968. The original Baba Mandir near Kupup valley is where he was posted, the new one near Tsomgo Lake was built for easier access.

The legend goes that Baba Harbhajan Singh guided rescue workers to find his remains 3 days after his death. It is said that he warns the Indian Army of any impending danger from China. Apparently during flag meetings between China & India in Nathu La, the Chinese set a chair aside to honour him.

Every year three soldiers accompany the personal belongings of the Baba by train from the nearest station from Nathu La to his hometown in Punjab, to visit his mother & to give her a small some of money from the soldiers posted in Nathu La.

Inside Baba Mandir are pictures of the Harbhajan Singh, a bed, his uniform and other effects. it is maintained like the room of a person who still uses it-which is the belief as well.

Babaji temple

How to make this journey

This route is not the popular tourist route so there aren't any cheap group trips available. One will have to hire a private cab from the tour agencies at MG Marg in Gangtok for this trip. I did this trip as part of my journey towards Nathang/Gnathang Village. It was 1 night 2 days trip from Gangtok. I spent the night at a homestay in Gnathang Village. I returned to Gangtok the day after through Zuluk, having traversed the Old Silk route.

Check out a photo tour to Nathang Village to know more.

Check out my blog on the Nathang-Zuluk trip to know more.


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