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An idyllic beach holiday in Weligama

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Anyone who wants a break from hustle & bustle of city life, and is looking to just while their time away at an idyllic beach- Weligama in Sri Lanka is the place for you.

Weligama is a sleepy beachside town in southern Sri Lanka. It was a fishing village until recently when it was discovered by tourists, and has now been developed into a premier tourist destination in the country with a wide range of accommodation from hostels to luxury resorts.

Weligama beach from my hotel balcony

All you need to do here is rub on your sun screen & head to the beach! You can spend all day, every day on the beach here, & you would still be left wanting more!

What was once a sleepy beach town, is now pretty crowded, so it isn’t a quiet spot to relax, but a great place to people watch!

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1. Weligama, a surfing haven- so sit back & watch them in action

The ocean is dotted with wannabe surfers, and why wouldn’t it be! The waves are calm & consistent, making it ideal for the first timer, or for those who want to brush up their surfing skills.

2. Learn to surf in Weligama

You don’t have to look too far to find someone to teach you to surf, as every 50m there is a surf school. (which is just a bunch of surfboards arranged on the sand, with a couple of instructors sitting next to it) Ask them for a lesson, & if it’s not the busy season, you can get a lesson immediately, else, fix an appointment for one.

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The surf schools on Weligama beach

My surfing experience

Surfing in Weligama is a real treat, as the calm waves look inviting, & do not intimidate the first timer. I fell down a LOT, but managed to stand up a few times which I consider an amazing feat. It is a pity that I worked up the courage to take a lesson only on my last day. I was there for 4-5 days, & every day I would tell myself that I would take a surfing lesson, & somehow I would chicken out, & just end up watching those taking the plunge (quite literally! :P). On my last day there, I knew it was now or never, and if I didn’t give it a try here, I probably never would find such calm waves to try my hand at surfing. And once I did, it was truly the best experience! The instructors were friendly, & very helpful, & were with me in the water as I tried catching a wave as well! I can’t wait to surf again, and get better at it!

The many surfers that dot the beach!

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Surfboard Rentals

It is possible to just rent the surf boards if you don’t want a lesson.

3. Yoga in Weligama

Apparently practicing yoga helps you balance better on the surf board, so surfing & yoga go hand in hand here. There are surf schools here that offer yoga classes as well.

The Best time to learn to surf in Weligama

Weligama is a surfing destination all year round, but October -March is the tourist season, and during this period, the waves are calm & make it easy for a beginner to practice catching a wave.

April-September is off season, so prices are cheaper, it is less crowded, but the waves are a lot bigger, so more advanced surfers will love this time of the year, but this doesn’t mean that one cannot learn to surf at this time, it will just be a little harder than it would have been during the season.

One of many beautiful sunsets in Weligama

4. Indulge in Seafood

It is a given, that when you are on the coast, the seafood is a must try, & Weligama doesn’t disappoint! The best seafood prepared in local flavours is all you get here!

5. Catch the most stunning sunset

The Weligama sunset is truly one of my favourites that I have ever seen. Especially when captured from my hotel balcony, there is nothing to beat it! The yellow-orange sunset paints the ocean below in its hues, making it an idyllic postcard setting.

How to get there

Weligama is 164km from Colombo. There are regular trains & buses that ply on that route.

But I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking the train from Colombo to Weligama. It is the most beautiful journey. The train traverses the length of the southern coast and it is absolutely breathtaking.

Pro Tips

-During the tourist season, it is difficult to get train tickets, so try and book them as early as possible.

-Book the 1st class train tickets- you will have assigned seats and a huge glass window at the front of the car which makes the journey stunning!

But, the trains are not air conditioned ( not even the first class tickets), so be prepared to sweat a little!

Fishing boats & surfers on Weligama beach

Alternatively, you can hire a car at Colombo, & drive down to Weligama, and stop along the way at the different beaches, or at Galle (historic, colonial town).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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