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10 Free things to do in Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

The most famous and stylish shopping district in America, and probably in the world, Rodeo Drive is synonymous with the international luxury brands that dot its streets. The only place where people are in their Sunday best to go window shopping, and the only place where there are more people out on the streets, ogling and wishing upon the couture garments and handbags, than there are inside all the shops put together!

Here is my list of 10 things to do in Rodeo Drive for FREE

1. Walk down the cobblestone streets of 2 Rodeo Drive Admire European architecture accentuated with gorgeous seasonal blooms, perched on black street lamps reminiscent of a bygone era.

Rodeo Drive, 2 Rodeo Drive, Shopping on Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills California, Hollywood
Cobbled Streets of 2 Rodeo Drive

2. Window Shop your favourite luxury brands Every brand that you have dreamed of owning but can't afford is here on Rodeo Drive. So if you are an aspirational shopper like most, a walk down Rodeo Drive checking out the window displays or even going into your favourite store is a must do!

Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Rodeo Drive, 2 Rodeo Drive, Shopping on Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills California, Hollywood
Dolce & Gabbana Window Display, Rodeo Drive

3. Find your favourite fashion icons on The Rodeo Drive Walk of Style The Rodeo Drive Walk of Style honors legends of fashion with bronze plaques inscribed with their name, a personal quote, and signature, embedded into the sidewalk.

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Burberry, Chanel, Rodeo Drive, Mario Testino, Shopping on Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills California, Hollywood
Mario Testino's plaque at the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style

4. Marvel at the Torso by Robert Graham The iconic sculpture marks the beginning of The Rodeo Drive Walk of Style. It is made of aluminium and stands 14ft tall at the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way.

Robert Graham, Rodeo Drive, Art in Rodeo Drive, Shopping on Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills California, Hollywood
The Torso by Robert Graham

5. Walk around the Beverly Hills City Hall The historic building with its Spanish Renaissance inspired architecture stands tall above the shops and restaurants, almost inviting you in, to marvel at its blue-green tiled dome and gilded cupola.

6.Relive memories of The Pretty Woman at the Beverly Wilshire Amidst the organized chaos of the passing swanky cars that bring out the paparazzi instinct in the average window shopper, the tourists driving by on open top buses with their guide loudly relaying anecdotes about the area, and the usual scurry to click selfies and ‘groupsies’ in front of every shop window, is the familiarity of the iconic Beverly Wilshire hotel made famous by the movie Pretty Woman. Ardent fans of the 90’s hit movie starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts can now relive the experience at the Beverly Wilshire, as long as they dig really deep into their pockets and pull out $100,000!

Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, Richard Here, Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive
Beverly Wilshire Hotel- where the movie Pretty Woman was filmed.

7. Check out the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market The Farmer's market is open every Sunday from 9am-1pm is an experience unlike the usual fare at Rodeo Drive. Experience and indulge in the finest California grown fruits & vegetables, gourmet jams, spreads, breads and more in a festive atmosphere that will appeal to adults and children alike. For more information, go to The Farmer’s Market is at 9300 Civic Center Drive

8. Check out the art scene When you are in the mood for some quiet time away from the noise of Rodeo Drive, escape in to one of the many art galleries tucked away in the cozy corners of the area.

9.Take a picture at the Beverly Hills Sign The Beverly Hills Sign is always crowded with tourists posing for a picture, so why wouldn't you get one for the albums as well! The Beverly Hills sign is at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd & Beverly Dr.

Beverly Hills Sign, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, Celebrity homes, spot Hollywood celebrities
Picture Spot at the Beverly Hills Sign

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10. Take a walk down Beverly Hills If you are a Hollywood buff, you could to take a walk around to try and spot one of your favourite actors getting into their car for a trip to the grocery store.

Beverly Hills walk, 90210, celebrity homes, Hollywood homes, rodeo drive
Beverly Hills

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy what I have recommended through my link, I will get a small commission off it, while you don't have to pay anything extra. So if you do plan on buying it, do use my link & help me out :)


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